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Side view of 3 stage sluice box Three Stage Sluice Instructions The 3 stage sluice box requires more water than a normal sluice box to operate correctly . W e recommend that the engine be ran at least 2/3rds. throttle or higher. If the engine operates too slow the riffles may become overloaded and a loss of fine gold will occur .

2 1/2" keene dredge header crash box

2,213. Olympia WA. Detector (s) used. Minelab Xterra 70, Minelab SD 2200d, 2.5", 3", 4"and several Keene 5" production dredges, Knelson Centrifuge, Gold screw automatic panner. Primary Interest: Prospecting. Jan 6, 2019. #2. This item is over 30 years old and can be hard to find...may be a great time to upgrade to a flare.

dredge crash box

3" DREDGE CRASH Box, Sluice, Gold, Recovery, - $375.00. 3" Dredge Crash Box, 3'' Dredge Crash Box, custom designed header box with a rubber water baffle and reinforced with 3mm ally to take the pressure from all the pounding of your gold!! The crash box is designed to take a standard 3" power jet.

2" Gold Dredge Header Box

SKU: CP-6551 Categories: Dredges & High-Bankers, Gold Prospecting Tags: 2 1/2" gold header box, 2" gold header box, dredge crash box, gold crash box, gold dredge header box, jobe dredge header box. 2″ Gold Dredge Header Box. Aluminum – Width 9 7/8″. Description. Additional information.

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Plan and design your own home made suction …

I have a 2" Keene Dredge with a crash box sluice on It. When it runs the weight of the water brings the end of the sluice down near the water. That point is can be …

How To Suction Dredge for Gold: The Basics

Priming the Pump. Before you use your suction hose to vacuum up water and material, get your dredge's pump ready for a day of work. Dredge pumps are designed for aquatic use only, so running air through them can cause them to overheat. Lower your dredge pump's foot valve below the water's surface and give it a few back-and-forth …

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Get the best deals on Gold Dredges when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands ... New Fine Gold Stop Sluice Box Matting 12" x 12" Dredge Highbanker Miners Moss. $13.00. $11.70 shipping. 55 sold. Miners moss sluice box matting; 12-inch by 36-inch miner moss sluice …

How Does a 4-Inch Suction Gold Dredge Work?

Step 3: Watching the Sluice. As you suction up gravel and water below the surface, solids will enter the sluice by way of the header box. While seasoned prospectors with smaller dredges may leave the …

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Regular price: $70.00. Sale price: Sluice Dredge Bucket Recovery System. KEENE 5 inch GOLD DREDGES. KEENE 6 INCH MINI GOLD DREDGES. Keene 3.5 HP Power Sluice Highbanker.

The Crash Box

The Crash Box - The Boomer Box. The BOOMER Box. A sluice header box for Gold-N-Sand X-Stream Hybrid Pro - converts your hand dredge into an in-stream power sluice. We have it pictures with a Le'Trap Sluice, however it will fit on any of our 40" light weight sluice boxes. - Attaches by sliding onto the front edge of the flare (instead of using ...

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Well my first dredge was a 3 inch I made everything except the Motor & pump . I had a flared box which I still think was the best. Didn't even have a wet suit or Air that first year. Damn I got a lot of gold. Then I bought a used 4 inch crash box that I am still using 18 years later. If the Court don't run us off the river this year I will try ...

The Crash Box

The BOOMER Box. A sluice header box for Gold-N-Sand X-Stream Hybrid Pro - converts your hand dredge into an in-stream power sluice. We have it pictures with a Le'Trap …

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Gold Hog's high-tech gold prospecting equipment, devices, and tools have made it easy for modern-day prospectors to increase their chances of finding gold. ... Boar Box: 30 pounds: Mini Stream: 11 pounds: FlowPan: …

Dredge Hopper Or Header Box?

6,694. St. Louis, missouri. Mar 29, 2011. #2. well in my opinion the choice between a crash box or a flair type of a header chossing the type of header depends on the creeks matrix. if its a heavy clay,or the gravels are heavily cemented together id go with the crashbox. if its lose gravel use the flair for your dredge. H.

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2 1/2″ Gold Dredge Header Box Dredges & High-Bankers $ 150.00. Rated 0 out of 5. Add to cart. 2″ Gold Dredge Header Box Dredges & High-Bankers $ 142.95. Rated 0 out of 5. Add to cart. Carolina Claimer Highbanker, 18″ x 20″ Hopper Dredges & High-Bankers $ 650.00. Rated 0 out of 5.

Homemade 3 Stage Under Current Sluice Box catching Gold …

On the three stage sluice, most of the gold gets caught in the upper part. As the gravel passes down the box, it goes over a screen, which in my sluice has 3/16 inch holes. The fine gravel and smallest gold goes down through the screen into the lower or underneath section of the sluice. There the slower water allows the fine gold to settle out.

Gold Dredge Equipment + Prospecting FAQs

A floating gold dredge is a gold mining machine that floats on the water's surface and uses suction to collect gold-bearing material from the bottom of a river or stream. The material is then run through a …

The BOOMER Box – Gold-N-Sand

The BOOMER Box. A sluice header box for Gold-N-Sand X-Stream Hybrid Pro - converts your hand dredge into an in-stream power sluice. Free shipping to US Mainland addresses via UPS Ground. - Attaches by …

Can I just build a dredge out of a trash pump and a sluice box?

That 3 inch pump can put out a lot of water. I put the dredge in the hole. It is important that only relatively clean water go into the dredge pump so I put the output of the 3 inch pump into a large bucket, the foot valve for the dredge pump goes into the bucket so that it only sucks up clean water.

Flared sluice?

De-aeration and removing gold from high velocity flow is one of the key functions of a well-designed over/under sluice box. Do not dismiss use of Clarkson riffles …

Keene 6200 Super Max Dredge

Keene 6200 Super Max Dredge. gold dredging; videos; By sjmpainter January 18, 2016 in Gold Panning, Sluicing, Dredging ... design. It's over complex but with refinement, should be a gold getter. I find it very interesting they are using old crash box technology and modern sluice matting in the clean up sluice. 2 Link to comment

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Dredge Sluice Boxes; ... 2.5" Standard Sluice Box for Jet Flare. $605.00. Quick View. 3" Standard Sluice Box for Jet Flare. $739.95. Quick View. 4 Inch Ultra Sluice Box. $769.00. Quick View. 4" High Performance 3 Stage Sluice. $1,045.00. Quick View. ... Gold Concentrators; Traditional Drywashers; Dustless Drywashers; Hand Crank/Battery Dry …


Description. has come up with a new 2″ flared header box style dredge adaptor to keep the sluice short and compact. Simply remove the end cap on the Mini Max or the flare on the A52 and attach the header box with a few wing nuts. The pictured Mini Max Sluice with leg stands is not included in the listing price.

Keene 4 inch Crash Box Gold Dredge Sluice Box High …

Keene crash box. 15 feet of 4 inch dredge hose and Keene swivel nozzle. Older yellow floats that have been stored inside with no sun cracking. The frame is perfect. Comes with both keene's matting and full length Dura Loop miners moss.

Resurrecting An Old Dredge

Thanks. Will get some miners moss. Got her started up and looks to be running great. Ran a small amount of rock, gravel and sand through it, and 10 flattened split shot, recovered 7 in the crash box, a couple in the first 2 riffles and one in the 4th riffle. Put some rubber mat under the crash plate, then ribbed carpet under the riffles.

anyone know how to build a crashbox for a dredge? | Alluvial Gold …

All it is is an aluminium box with a 2" inlet on the lower end. It just sits upside down over the top hopper up at the highest point where the original inlet baffle is. It has two "wings" with a hole in each that sit over the flared edge of the hopper and held in place by a bolt and wing nut.

Suction Gold Dredge Basics

Suction Gold Dredge Basics. A suction gold dredge is basically an underwater vacuum cleaner. Material is transported from underwater to the surface and run through a sluice box to capture the gold. A sluice box works because gold is 15 times heavier than sand and gravel and so is easily trapped by the riffles and carpet in the …

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5 Inch, 13 HP Honda Dredge With 3 Stage Sluice. $9,599.00. Quick View. 5 Inch, Dual 6.5 HP Honda Dredge With 3 Stage Sluice. $9,125.00. Categories. Dredges; 2 Inch Dredges; ... Gold Concentrators; Traditional Drywashers; Dustless Drywashers; Hand Crank/Battery Dry Washers; Medium Sized Power Sluices; MiniMax; Matting;

Sluice / Dredge Bucket Recovery System

New 4" Keene Gold Dredge Features: New 3 stage sluice box for unsurpassed fine gold recovery. The best in the business. !!! Dimensions: 73" x 46" x 13"; weight: 195 lbs to 215 lbs. Shown with new carrying handles and the OPTIONAL sluice bucket recovery system - available below. Keene has always been dedicated to bring you the best dredging ...

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